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Gold Miners Trail

Suitable for people with good levels of fitness

Dates Length of Stay Number of Riders
4/5/6th February 2017
New date release due to popular demand
3 days riding
2 nights’ accommodation
6 to 8 riders

  4 saddles left  

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Arrival on first day – 9.30am – 6 hours riding

we leave Mt. Studholme homestead lunchboxes packed and ride through the forest and out on to the Old Kaiwarua Coach Road. Following the pioneers footsteps, we descend down into the river valley to enjoy a picnic by the crystal clear Waihao River. After lunch we continue the ride upstream through the river, then rising up the track to top of Mount Studholme 1100 feet above sea level. Here on a good day you can see as far as the Waitaki River to the South to Banks Peninsular to the North. Following the main ridge along the top of the picturesque Hunter Hills the horses thread their way through golden tussocks. Berwyn’s back hut is our accommodation for the evening. On a clear day, you will enjoy outstanding views over Canterbury from the deck as you sit among the clouds. This is a beautiful, rustic hut with log burner and kitchen and an outdoor bath with a view of the stars. Sleeping areas are in the loft above the living room. Enjoy a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep.

Day 2 – 9:30am – 6>7 hours riding

after a farm breakfast we pack up our saddle bags and head back into the beautiful Hunter Hills. A trail of golden tussocks leads us down into a valley where you will see wallabies in the wild. The trail leads us back to the hidden gem, the beautiful Waihao River and into Kaiwarua Station. Our accommodation for the evening is the Kaiwarua Cottage overlooking the beautiful Hunter hills which you have just ridden through. Evening meal is a traditional Kiwi roast fitting in with this large sheep station.

Day 3 – 10:30am – 5 hours riding

Enjoy a lazy start to the day in this special place with a musters breakfast. We follow the Waihao River from Kaiwarua station through to the old historic woolshed for lunch. The unspoilt beauty of this river with its pure crystal clear water will enchant you and fill up your senses. Keep a sharp eye out for rare New Zealand falcons, wild deer, wild pigs and wallabies. We return to the Mount Studholme Homestead via the Old Kaiwarua Coach Road

Cost per rider $ 1,053


  • We are exclusively riding on private land through iconic high country stations. This allows us to experience the 100% pure unspoilt environment of New Zealand. Where you will enjoy dramatic scenery and complete isolation rarely found in these modern times.
  • Small personalised groups
  • Personal gear will be transported between huts by pack horse
  • We source local farm fresh produce to maintain a low carbon footprint



Client Equipment Check List

Equipment Required

Sleeping Bag suited to mountain terrain
Warm woollen/ merino clothing/ Thermal underwear (including long Johns)
Warm Hat/gloves/warm socks/ scarf
2 changes of clothes for riding/ PJ’s
Suitable foot ware for riding and walking
Light foot ware to wear in the huts
Sun glasses/ sun hat/ sun screen
Wet weather gear
Toiletries / chap stick/ Insect Repellent/ hand sanitizer/ wet wipes/ Towel
Water bottle/ small flask
Hot water bottle if you feel the cold at night
Ear plugs
Small torch/ head torch
Set of togs for swimming (in summer time)
Panadol or equiv. (if you think you will require this)
Chocolate (or other sweeties you can’t resist)

Important information to note:

Please let us know of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to enjoy the trek
Please notify us of any special dietary requirements/ food allergies
We need to know an honest assessment of your height, weight, level of fitness, age and riding ability if any. This is to enable us to match you with the correct horse
Much of the time we will be outside cell phone coverage
Toilets can at times be very basic, long drops etc.
Most back huts do not have electricity or WiFi
A kitbag will be issued to you on your arrival, this is for your belongings, 3 changes of clothes, sleeping bag, toiletries, hut foot ware, towel etc. It would be appreciated if your pack could be as close to 9kg as possible as this makes it easier when loading the pack horse. You will also be given saddle bags where you will carry your lunch, water bottles, thermos flask, camera, gloves, woollen hat, scarf, sunscreen, sunglasses and any medication that you may require.
See our video on www.youtube.com , that explains what to bring.
Oil skin wet weather coats will be provided for all riders and these will be tied onto your saddle.
We will recommend you wear a riding hat
Please remember to bring enough medication for the duration as we will have limited ability to source additional items once the trek starts

Sleeping Bags can be provided but we need 2 weeks prior notice.