Horse 2 Human Bond

Living in a herd of horses we recognize that special bond they share with us humans.

When you ride your horse into the wilderness, then you also wrap yourself in the beauty of nature. That is a heady cocktail of goodness for your soul to ingest.

Scientist have been studying the coupling of human and horse hearts with some wonderful findings that seem to conclude.

Being close to horses touches a humans heart.

The study, “Quantitative heartbeat coupling measures in human-horse interaction,” was published in the Proceedings of the IEEE 38th Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.

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Ride Horses to be at one with nature

When you are on horseback holiday you can ride through the landscape without disturbing anything.

This means that we see herds of

It is so special to encounter wildlife in this way.

Fun Facts

We have wild wallabies on our farm and surrounding locations. They are not native to our country, the Studholme family brought 2 of them over from Australia. There are more than anyone could ever count these days.

Having these wee fellas jumping out all over the place makes for quiet young horses.