All for the love of horses

Our day begins and ends with the horses, everything we do is for the love of the horses in our purpose bred herd.

“When you have been blessed by the companionship and loyalty of a horse, life’s most treasured gift has been bestowed upon you”

Hector notices everything on the trails


Adventure Horse

Hector is 1/2 Standard bred/Shire

Whanau: Hank the Tank and Walter are his brothers

Favorite Trail: Musterers Mountain Pack Trail

Hector is a horse who notices everything on the trail, he keeps his ears pricked high in the air and John loves riding him. Just like his brothers he is an honest hardworking horse that digs in when the going gets tough.

Hector loves a cuddle and if he is your team mate, cuddles at every opportunity are required.

Clever Wee Man: Hector is an invaluable member of our string as he works as a riding horse and a pack horse just like his big brothers Hank the Tank and Walter

Ell on Bespoke Ben Lomond


Adventure Horse

Chinook is 1/2 Standard bred/Shire

Whanau: Breeze is her Mumma

Favorite Trail: Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride

How do you prepare to fall in love?

Just like her Mumma before her Chinook is a definite heart stealer.

She moved into the riding string this season and has made her mark on the riders hearts. Strong, honest and deeply kind she has worked on just about every trail we have. She loves the river crossings on the Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride with its cooling waters on a hot summers day.

Angie and Whiskey Ben Lomond horseback holiday


Adventure Horse

Whiskey is 1/2 Standard bred/Shire

Whanau: Thistle is his Mumma

Favorite Trail: Birchwood Station Boutique Trail

How do you describe someone keeps you safe when the going gets tough?

It is so hard to explain what they do because, they just go for it and leave you feeling so loved?

Whiskey is my (Angie) horse and we are always found at the back of the trail. We stop to take photos, he never bats an eye no matter how far ahead the others are. I sing my heart out and he never bothers a jot, in fact (I think he likes the songs!)

He is a lower ranking horse and in our horse hierarchy that means, he is happy to be at the back with me.

That doesn’t mean we don’t interact with the rest of the riders we have so much fun.

There is no need to rush through life when you are enjoying the views as much as we do together.

He is Character: Whiskey always makes me laugh. When the mist settles in the valleys over night and the wranglers are gathering the horses for the day, Whiskey can somehow disappear in to the mist, (like Harry Potter with his cloak of invisibility) Making sure he always gets the last wee mouthful of tucker before the day begins.

Clever Wee Man: Whiskey is an invaluable member of our string as he works as a riding horse and a pack horse just like his Mumma Thistle

Wishbone and Janet at 3000 feet


Adventure Horse

Wishbone is 1/2 Thoroughbred/ 1/2 Shire

Whanau: Hannah is his big Sister

Favorite Trail: Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride

How do you describe someone that is always faithful and kind?

It is so hard to explain what they do because, they just do it without any fuss or ticket parade hey?

They are the most wonderful team members with their steady unselfish giving.

Wishbones character:

As a partner you would be so blessed because they would always be thinking of your needs and giving unconditionally.

For our team, this is Wishbone a handsome safe and steady pair of hands quietly making dreams come true.

Usually found at the back of the trail as there is no need to rush through life when you are enjoying the views.

Introducing Micky the Adventure Horse works in horseback riding holidays NZ South Island


Adventure Horse

Mikki Is bred in the North Island, has wonderful jumping lines

Whanau: our whole team adopted him

Favorite Trail: Bespoke Ben Lomond Luxury Trail

Mikki is a complete character who wins your heart at the blink of his sparkly eyes.

He loves apples so watch your lunchbox

Always playing the clown in the paddock with other horses, nipping bottoms to get them to chase him.

As a team mate, Mick is everything you could as for as he strides it out making mountains look like molehills.

If you team up with Mick be prepared to lead the trail as he loves to be out front searching out the trails.


Adventure Horse

Tussock: At 17 hands high Tussock is one of our tallest horses in the string. 1/2 Appaloosa 1/2 Shire who is forward moving.

Whanau: His best mate is Mikki and they make an impressive site together.

Mum is Spice Johns ex hunter.

Favorite Trail: Lakes 2 Mountains

As a team mate Tussock is a big gentle giant who takes good care of his rider.

Suitable for athletic taller riders he has feet like dinner plates.

Loves crossing big deep rivers, you can certainly see the Shire and Percheron in this big horse.

Total heart stealer

Adventure Horse Trekking NZ in NZ South Island Gypsy Lake Hawea Hunter River ride


Adventure Horse

Gypsy: is 17 1/2 hands high and the tallest of our mares

Whanau: Breeze’s granddaughter

Favorite Trail: Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride

As a team mate, Gypsy will follow you around the paddock.

Everything looks tiny when you rider her

She is a soft and gentle mare who loves to get the job done.

Suited to established riders who love a forward going horse.

Kowhai adventure horse


Adventure Horse

Kowhai is 1/2 Shire 1/2 standard bred

Whanau: Son Kauri

Favorite Trail: Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride

Kowhai is named after a beautiful New Zealand native tree.

She is a kind and gentle mare who takes wonderful care of her rider.

Her quiet demeanor and can do attitude gives her rider so much confidence to just be and let Kowhai take the lead..

Summiting a mountain on horseback


Adventure Horse

Walter is 1/2 Shire 1/2 standard bred

Whanau: Hank the Tank and Hector

Favorite Trail: Musterers’ Mountain Pack Trail

How would you best describe sharing time with your best friend?

Walter works so hard, he is honest, kind and although not as tall as his Brother Hank the Tank he still munches into those mountains.

Set your heart on lets go mode, dreams are waiting.

Clever Wee Man: Walter is an invaluable member of our team as he works as a pack horse and in the riding string, what a champion.


Adventure Horse

Hannah is 1/2 Thoroughbred 1/2 Shire

Whanau: Wishbone is her little Brother

Favorite Trail: Lake Ohau Luxury Trail

Movie Star

Hannah is our lead mare,

An absolute guest favorite.

She is dedicated to her riders and takes care of ably challenged riders.

Soft gentle energy but very determined to get the job done.

Breeze and Karen MMPT


Adventure Horse

Breeze is 1/2 shire 1/2 standardbred and looks very like her Daddy Supreme

Whanau: Daughter, Chinook Niece, Gypsy

Favourite Trail: Musterers Mountain Pack Trail

A movie star

Breeze makes you feel so safe when you rider her.

She is strong, determined and the other horses totally respect her authority within the herd.

As a rider you can be anywhere in the lineup and Breeze is happy but don’t let those young horses try to pass her.

A wonderful surefooted, forward moving mare.

Adventure Horse Trekking NZ_Ringo Star-Adventure Horse-Birchwood Station Boutique Trail

Ringo Star

Adventure Horse

Ringo Star is 1/2 Shire 1/2 standard bred

Whanau: Little brother Dude

Favorite Trail: Iconic Glen Lyon pack Trail

Movie Star

This big hansom horse takes care of all types of riders.

He is especially wonderful with novices or guests who may not be as agile getting on and off as he is extremely patient and kind.

Named after Angies’ favorite Beatle Ringo Star


Adventure Horse

Thistle is: 1/2 Shire 1/2 standardbred

Whanau: Brother: The late Thunder Son: Whiskey

Favorite Trail: Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride

A movie star

Thistle is very beautiful inside and out. Her flowing shire mane and tail makes this little horse stand out in a crowd.

She has the ability to weave a spell of love over her riders with her honest way and gentle kindness. A guest favorite.

She works so hard to make her riders dreams come true.


Adventure Horse

Dude is 1/2 shire 1/2 Standardbred

Whanau: Ringo Star

Favorite Trail: Lakes 2 Mountains

Movie Star

Dude is one of those horses that only come along once in a lifetime.

He is kind, gentle and so loving.

His job is to take care of our ably challenged and those returning to riding or novices.

That’s not to say Dude isn’t a heck of a horse to ride even if you are an expert.

As a team mate he is totally committed to keeping you safe and ensure that every step you both take, makes your dreams come true.

Panda and Suzie lead the way


Adventure Horse

Panda is a 1/2 Clydie

Whanau: We have adopted Panda into our whanau

Favorite trail: Birchwood Station Boutique Trail

Movie Star

Panda is a we got this kinda guy

He heads out front with the pack horses and stays there all day long.

Kind and gentle he loves baby sitting foals while Mums are away working for the day

As a team mate, you can expect to arrive at the huts before the rest of us.

Panda is strong, forward moving and surefooted on the mountains

Bella the Kiamanawa (new Zealands wild horse


Adventure Horse

Bella is a wee power horse 1/2 Clydie 1/2 Kiamanawa “New Zealand’s wild horse

Whanau: Daughter, Rata Grandson, Manuka

Favorite Trail: Lake Ohau Luxury Trail

Bella came to our herd from the North Island with a foal at foot. Her owners where moving house and had no land to keep her, they wanted to know she and the foal would be loved.

She is a wee pocket rocket and carries the smaller riders on our trails. Great if you want to bring the kids along to share time with you on these trails.

Bella has become a matriarch within our herd and an invaluable member of the riding string, we adore her.

Bella is a lovely character

Don’t think Bell is going to be at the back. no way, she is in love with Mikki and they both head out front to lead the trail.

Last season she shared the trail with 10 y/o Ella whose dream it was to ride high in the saddle on an amazing adventure. Ella and her Mum Aimee rode the Birchwood Station Boutique Trail together. What an amazing bond there was between the two of them as they conquered the mountains, rivers and tussock laden valleys.


Adventure Horse

Cloudy 1/2 Shire 1/2 Percheron

Whanau: Sister to the Late Smokie, Daughter: Sky

Favorite Trail: Prospectors Dream Trail

Movie Star

Cloudy was an orphaned at 3 days old.

She absolutely loves the high mountain peaks and the views staring openly at the mountain tops.

If you team up with Cloud you have an adventure horse who takes amazing care of you. She has a personality of her own.

She adores people doing yoga and has been known to join her rider doing stretches before a trail.

Hank the Tank

Adventure Horse

Hank the Tank is 1/2 Shire, 1/2 Standard bred

Whanau: Brothers, Walter and Hector

Sister, Clamity Jane

Favorite Trail: Lakes 2 Mountains

Movie Star

Hank the Tank is the kinda horse, if he were a man you would marry him.

He is so loyal, kind, generous with his kisses and ever and always, out front leading the way.

You can go on a trail with Hank once and he will show you the way home without hesitation he is always right.

Suited to riders who have experience and a quiet gentle nature, Hank is a beautiful soul.

I have just finished the Twin Lakes ride and what an adventure. The beauty of the South Island is unbelievable and to be able to ride over some of the most amazing stations in the South and see these beautiful lakes, mountains and farms is something I will never forget. If you are considering a Horse Riding holiday then I would highly recommend Adventure Horse Treks , the horses are amazing to ride. Angie & John are very professional and took great care of everyone, I felt completely safe on there horses for 8 days. Angie the food was amazing and I am still not sure how you did all that work , but after finishing a 6 hour ride and walking into a place with the fire roaring, cheese board and wine waiting made you feel like you are home. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to see this beautiful country on the back of a horse, for your kindness, humor, knowledge and care.
Gayle Stokes
Gayle Stokes
Start to finish this adventure was amazing! John Angie and El you were kind, fun, competent and patient. A great team. The horses were next level - beautiful animals. Scenery - stunningly wow! Food - the best! It was an absolute privilege being amongst this unforgettable place. Till next time .. thank you so much x
Jo Fraser
Jo Fraser
I have just completed the boutique birchwood trek. It was an experience I will never forget. Super scenery, friendly banter, amazing food, caring guides and gorgeous gentle horses. I felt very lucky to be on the trek and have the opportunity to share the experience with such a wonderful crew. Thanks so much Sharon
Sharon Pickering
Sharon Pickering
I just got home from the birch wood ride. Had a wonderful time. Great, dependable horses, lovely hospitality, awesome baking, beautiful scenery. Angie and Jon are welcoming and will take great care of you. It is a walking ride (i hadn’t realised that) but was very relaxing. I would definitely ride with them again.
izzy eadie
izzy eadie
An amazing week (so amazing that we ran out of descriptions and superlatives!): wonderful horses, fantastic people, incredible scenery an adventure that was great fun and we that did not want to end 🙂
Ali Cullum
Ali Cullum
I was a first time trekker on the 2021 Otago Goldfields Cavalcade with Angie and John & the horses. What a wonderful wonderful experience ❤ oh mi gosh. John and Elle looked after us on the trail, Angie saw us off at the start and met us at the end, six days later. The horses were amazing. So calm so capable, what a trip! I will be back for another trekking adventure....annually 🤠🤗
Lu Marii-Metuarii
Lu Marii-Metuarii
I have just finished the Prospectors' Dream Trail with Adventure Horse Trekking. I cannot recommend them highly enough. From the time the booking was made AHT provided all necessary information in terms of what to pack and what to expect on the trek. The horses were wonderful and never put a foot wrong. As a relatively novice rider I felt very safe and well looked after by my horse Dude and the expert guidance of the boss John and the extremely nice and hard working wrangler El. The scenery was amazing, food of a high standard (including cheese and crackers and a wine and beer in the back of beyond), and the fellow riders were excellent company. Lots and lots of great times and much laughter and bad singing. I would highly recommend Adventure Horse Trekking.
Tony Shaw
Tony Shaw
What a wonderful experience - amazing horses, spectacular country and fabulous hospitality. Absolutely recommend!
Judy Grieve
Judy Grieve
Thank you for another amazing trek John & Angie. Such a privilege to see this amazing part of the country on board the beautiful Breeze. I feel thoroughly spoilt and highly recommend your treks to anyone looking for an adventure of a lifetime XX
Bridget Percy
Bridget Percy
Fantastic hosting, scenery and horses. John and Co made us feel part of the family. Interesting and challenging tracks combined with bullet-proof horses made this a memorable experience. Did I mention the rhubarb crumble? It's worth coming just for that. Recommended. Cheers Marc
Marc Kaemper
Marc Kaemper

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  1. Hi Angie,
    Have been want to join you on your Lakes2mountains pack trip but cannot do January. Do you have dates later in year after winter at all? I can’t see any trips that you do after April. If not, how do we go about booking for 2024 , I presume would be January again ?
    Kind regards,

    1. Kia Ora Rhonda, I am sorry to say that we dont do trails after the beginning of May as the weather is too difficult to manage in the Autumn and Winter with snow frequently hampering the trails.
      the next time we will be doing this trail is January the following season. I am sorry about that, it is such a special trail that we only do it once a season although we may increase that now that the overseas travelers are returning.
      this is exciting as you are the very first person to contact me through our new web site.
      Thank you and take care, love to see you on a trail.
      Nga Mihi Nui

    2. Kia Ora Rhonda,
      I am just beginning to catchup on my emails I do so apologies for the delays.
      Lakes 2 mountains will be at the end of January each season as this suits the farming practices in this location.
      Sorry we do not do trails after April as the mountains become too dangerous with snow and wild weather.
      I am busy working on trail dates now they should hopefully be ready by the end of May (farmers willing)
      Would you like me to drop you an email once they are ready?
      Kindest regards
      Nga Mihi

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