The Worshipful Company of Farriers

Arthur farriering at Adventure Horse Trekking NZ stables @solene_gllt

Farrier, No Feet, No Horse

The Farrier is one of our most important team members. Each season our horse/ human herd cover over 10,000 km’s through rocky mountainous terrain.

There are lots of different choices surrounding shoeing and barefoot shoeing horses. For us, we choose to shoe our horses.

Shoeing horses has been found as far back as the Celts before the Roman invasions. Horses were often buried with their masters and horseshoes have been found in many of these burial sites.

Farrier time is so important, they are checking for

Stone bruises


Foot health

We so appreciate these hardworking members of our team.

A good Farrier is worth his weight in gold

Murray our farrier is such a fountain of knowledge about being a farrier.

A horseman himself he has

Hunted the hounds

Ridden for pleasure

Rope and Tie Rider

It is great to have farriers who themselves ride as they connect so well with the horses.

Don’t forget your farrier needs

A nice plate of scones for morning tea

Good sized coffee pot

Water on a hot day

Something yummy for lunch

If you treasure your team you go the extra mile for them.

Thanks to Murray for the fun fact at the end of this page

Fantastic Phil the farrier -A Good farrier is worth his weight in gold – @solene_gllt

Fun Fact

Did you know that farriers could marry people?

“The Worshipful Company of Farriers” has been promoting the wellbeing of horses since 1356

At one time in history, these honorable farriers could carry out marriage ceremonies just like ships captains. If you consider that horses where the main transport throughout the world you realize how important they were. Not only shoeing horses but doing what we call veterinary surgeons work.

Thanks to The worshipful Company of Farriers for this information

Here are 14 things you should never say to your farrier a bit of fun from the Horse and Hound magazine.

Farriers working at the stables Adventure Horse Trekking NZ – @solene_gllt

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