Dad in hospital

Taking Time

05 September 2022

How do you know when the time is right?


Is any time the right time?

How do u know when u make a decision that it’s the right one?

Do you think we have an inner guidance system that lights the way?

Dad always taught us kids, “follow your heart”

Are u like, “Sis, I’m bursting to do something but I just don’t have time right now”

During the Covid lockdowns we all longed to

hold our loved ones
have our freedom of choice again
explore the wild places
travel the world

Realizing the fragility of our existence and the hitching rail we had tied ourselves too prior to the pandemic. Suddenly,  the penny  dropped, “tomorrow may never come.”
With borders closed tight if a members of whanau “family” became sick we couldn’t go to be close. My heart goes out to those whose loved ones passed away in lockdowns and their whanau’s. I know many are still struggling with those memories.

I made a choice to move across the world 26 years ago

In search of a better life for my children. My parents were in their 50’s. They would travel to see us every 6 months, living perpetual summertime for a few years until Dads health deteriorated.
I guess we took that time for granted because my children were tiny and life was busy.

At the moment I am lucky enough to be 40,000 miles high in the sky heading to the UK. My Dad is in fragile health in hospital and I am longing to be close. The fingers of my heart are stretching out as far as they can, in the hope that he feels my love across the miles and hours that stand between us.

At 60,I know that I have been so lucky to still have both parents. Dad is my hero, no one has ever filled his shoes in my life. He worked so hard to give my Brother Jeff and I a better life. Always championing the underdog, even now at 84, still heavily involved with lots of charities, raising money for those in need.

Time is like an Olympic Athlete, heading for the finish line

Angie Leckey AHT NZ

Where does time go?

It’s like an Olympic athlete, running so fast for the finish line and you want to shout, “wait up, I just need to catch my breath bro”

Dad used to say, “there’s a number on your back n when it’s up it’s up, there nothing you can do about it” That’s all very well to say but perhaps….we could re negotiate because it went by too fast.

I know a few of my best friends have already been devastated by the lost their Dad. Another who is going through the same things as me. I guess we just want to do for them what they did for us and hope like heck you can do such a good job.

Memories dance like shadows in the dawn’s first light, inviting you into the dance of laughter and tears. As they reach into your soul and tug on your heart strings to replay life’s magic melodies.

I can feel my ancestors gathering as the veils grow thinner between worlds for the next part of Dads journey.

My thoughts drift to my Great Aunt, Aunty Reenie, she used to called Dad her, “beautiful little nephew” even when he was in his 70’s and she in her 90’s. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  To Aunty Reenie time stood still and he was still a wee 5 year old boy with scuffed knees, big blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

Sunset in the mountains

Matariki “Maori New Year”

In Aotearoa NZ it is almost Matariki “Maori New Year” during this time we remember and honor those who have passed. It is a wonderful tradition which recognizes the importance of life’s cycles and connections to all things.

We look to the skies each morning to see if Matariki has returned.

It is a time when we

honor the past

Assess the present

Plan for the future

Most important time to gather with whanau “family” which for me is so apt this year.

As a Celt, it is also, Summer Solstice and the first time I have been in UK for this event in so many years. I can feel my internal compass spinning.

Counting our blessings

Suddenly, two weeks have run away since I landed in the UK, so much has happened.
Dad has escaped from the hospital
I turned another year older
Its Matariki, Maori New Year

I know, I did exactly the right thing flying to the UK to be close to my loved ones at this time.
Bringing Dad home,
surrounding him with love
sharing the love of our family
funny stories from the past
singing the songs our family sing
A huge sharing of love from our family n friends all over the world, gave Dad the boost he needed to recover for another who knows how long.

“love is always the secret ingredient in everything you do”

Mummy Videha

Time evaporated again and now I am home in Aotearoa

Jet lag is my best friend as the sofa calls, “come on you know you need me”

I feel as though I have been through the washing machine on full spin as my emotions are crashing around me like a wild sea on a lighthouse.

Its mid winter, we just had a huge weather bomb hit the south island, major flooding trashing arterial routes throughout our island. Stranding holiday makers and making life difficult for animals and humans alike.
Meanwhile in the UK record breaking heat is overwhelming inhabitants of their land. What incredible times we all live in, Papatuanuku “Mother Nature” couldn’t speak any louder if she tried.

Love is always the secret ingredient

When something big, emotional and life changing happens to me, I always try to learn something from it. Look at it as a gift, a wakeup call, like someone has set off some latent alarm clock as a reminder for my soul.

I’ve always loved the Greek fables “Jason and the Argonauts” each journey represented growth through the trials he faced from the Gods.

On this journey I learned, even a Hero needs help sometimes.

Its the simplest things that mean so much,
a kiss
a hug
a hand to hold
a drink of water
a song to reach into you heart and pull you back to consciousness

In a complicated, overstimulated world filled with too much communication, the silence and stability of the love you share holds the key to your fate.

You will know when the time is right, follow you heart because the love light it shines warms all of your tomorrows. 

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