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Horse Daughter Human Mummy

20 September 2022
cloudy at 6000 feet enjoying the view Horseback Holiday NZ AHTNZ
Cloudy at 6000 feet above sea enjoying the view

Cloudy the Orphan Foal

Orphaned at 3 days old when her Mummy Sugar passed away. Cloudy had such a strong survival instinct.

It was cold and pouring with rain we weren’t sure she would survive.

It was a really worrying time as anyone who has had to raise a foal can tell you.

Fortunately she had the first three days goodness from her horse Mummy Sugar.

Cloudy's Mum Smokie & Big Brother Smokie
Cloudys’Mum Sugar and big Brother Smokie

“When you have been blessed by the companionship and loyalty of a horse, life’s most treasured gift has been bestowed upon you”


Don’t Spoil Her

John told me, ‘don’t humanize and spoil her because bucket raised foals can make hatefully spoilt horses’ I’m sure you all know how hard it was not to cuddle up and spoil her. She was fluffy grey, long gangly legs and huge eyes of melted treacle.

In answer to my whispered prayers, John’s old hunter Ginger would stand by the stables each morning and cuddle up to her through the fence.

I decided to let her into the paddock with Ging and they never looked back He gave little Cloud the horse love and affection she craved as a foal.

I would mix her milk hang the bucket on the fence and shout, “CLOUDYYYY..” She would gallop across the paddock, tail in the air whinnying all the way. Gulp down her milk and off back to her Daddy’s side.


She is my Horse Daughter, I am her Human Mum

Now she is full grown, stunningly beautiful and enjoying life working next to big Brother Smokey in the riding string.

As I approach where ever she is she will nicker to me. She stares deep into my soul with those melted treacle eyes and my heart burst with unconditional love and pride,

She is my Horse Daughter and I her human Mum. We need no words to express our love…..

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