NZ Mistletoe clings to the branches of the native beech high in on the NZ South Island Mountains

Giving Thanks

05 September 2022

Giving to Papatuanuku, “Mother Earth” as well as receiving

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NZ Mistletoe clings to the branches of the native beech high in on the NZ South Island Mountains

Mother Natures Beauty

Do you adore the beauty of Mother Nature and all that she gives to us humans?

I don’t know about you but I am always saying, “thank you” we have so much to be grateful for every day, hey?

There are so many times on trails when you just stop and gaze open mouthed at the extraordinary beauty.

We can ride a trail so many times and each time is so very different with the weather, the flowers that bloom, the birdlife, the river flow.

The mountains have a life all of their own and they share so much with those of us who venture into their domain.

Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind

Lionel Hampton

Living a wild life so take care of the wildlife

Winter at the wildlife pond NZ South Island

7 years ago John and I decided to construct a wild life pond here at Mount Studholme. We wanted to encourage the frogs, birds and wildlife to share our home.

Our business is so interdependent with nature we wanted to give something back. We are lucky enough to share time in the mountains, rivers and steams that are the life blood of the magnificent South Island, New Zealand.

The Labradors think that it is their private baths! However, each year they share the pond with the paradise ducks who have decided it is an excellent home to raise their family.

A stray heron has also called in making one heck of a racket each morning as it arrives to do some fishing.

The frogs sing away all night long and we have a sky filled with dragonflies swirling on the wind. We see so many native gecko’s on farm that we never used to see.

Just sitting beside the pond makes you feel so relaxed.

Living in a forest

It is always a win, win when you do things for Mother Nature.

We are lucky enough to live in a forest over 4000 acres of trees neighbor our farm. The non native trees do not attract native birds and so, John and I have begun a native planting program around the farm.

The Bellbirds or “makomako as Maori call them love the native plantings and their songs fill the air.

Winter can be harsh in the NZ South Island

“Its always a win, win when you give to Mother Nature”

Angie Leckey AHT NZ

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