Horse Hire Cavalcade Package

Do Your Dreams Today

Have you dreamed of riding in the “Goldfields Heritage Trust” Cavalcade?

Is the thought of transporting your horse to the south island preventing you?

Do you struggle to get your horse fit for the event?

Four years ago we started hiring our horses for the Cavalcade and since then it is one of the first dates on our calendar each season.

So if this is indeed your dream, ride into our web site and book on in.

Our beautiful adventure horses are ready to hire for the

Mick O’Callaghan trail

Cavalcade and hoedown need to be booked direct with

The Goldfields Heritage Trust

Horse hire only _ NZ 3,100.00 p/rider


(10 staged payment is available for this trail by arrangement)

Important Information 2 Note

This is a completely different experience than our boutique horseback adventures

Differences you can expect to experience are:

Adventure Horse Trekking NZ Ltd.

keep our rider numbers low, giving a very personal boutique experience. On our trails, we saddle and tack your horses, cater for all riding abilities, source historic accommodation that tells the stories of the trails, have negotiated exclusive access rights to private land and provide farm fresh food that gives you a welcome hug when you arrive home each evening

Goldfields Cavalcade Trust

in contrast has;

Large groups of riders, 80 on this specific trail

Mick O’Callaghan is the trail boss (not John) you will therefore, be riding under his guidance.

Long riding days 6> 8 hours “solid riding”

The Cavalcade provides all food for this experience.

You will need a good level of fitness as we have been informed that you will be riding for 6 >8 hours per day, described as good solid days on the Cavalcade web site.

We will be able to assist you in mounting and dismounting to some degree but you do need to be able to mount and dismount unaided at times.

Although we will be saddling and unsaddling your horse, your participation is expected, either gathering, grooming or holding horses.

Horse Hire Includes


As you are aware, at AHT NZ our horses are our whanau “family.” We therefore want to ensure that you and the horse you hire have a wonderful bond before you begin your Cavalcade experience.

Riding in our Group

Adventure Horse Trekking NZ Ltd. will be providing our own wranglers and back up crew for this trail.

As our horses are part of a natural herd in their home and working environments, we will be riding in a small group inside Mick O’Callaghan’s trail. This is to ensure the health of our horses and riders.

Adventure Horse Trekking NZ Ltd wranglers are authorized to make changes to horses allocated, equipment utilized on each horse, the pace of the trail.

Our horses will have their own enclosed paddocks every evening to ensure their safety.

This has worked really well in the past

Where will you stay at the end of the day?

You will need to be prepared to pitch in and assist erecting and dismantling tents/ camp cots and packing up camp each morning.

What are you signing up for?

Your hire includes

Transportation from Queenstown airport to the beginning of Cavalcade Sunday 25th February 2024 (T & C’s apply) times to suit group pickup  

  1. An adventure horse to suit you’re riding ability 
  2. 2 experienced adventure wranglers that will saddle and supervise the horses and our smaller groups movements each day   
  3. Back up driver with 10 horse float available to sleep in and tents (with camp cots)  
  4. Shoeing of the horses
  5. Horse and gear transportation
  6. Saddle and all horse tack                                                             
  7. Saddle bags/ lunchbox
  8. Helmets can be supplied
  9. Approx.2 hour exploratory ride on the 25th March 2024 to ensure you and your horse are comfortable (weather permitting)
  10. Tents 2 & 3 person (shared)  or sleeping in the large horse truck with camp stretchers
  11. Camp stretchers or sleeping mats if you prefer
  12. Camp Shower

Note: Sleeping bags & liner can be hired $20 p/week with pillows and pillowcases

Heading home with a happy heart

Transportation to Queenstown at end of Cavalcade and Hoedown evening from Waikaia (T & C’s apply) times to suit group pickup 2nd March 25 (the morning after the Hoedown)

Our horses have a separate paddock to keep them safe

What will it cost ?

Everything you need to achieve your dreamIndividual CostsTotal Cost
Cost of Adventure Horse Trekking NZ horse hire cavalcade packageNZ 3,100.00 p/rider
Cavalcade Mick O’Callaghan’s Trail NZ $840 ($870 for non members) 2025 price
NZ 795 p/backup person(2023 price)
Hoedown Evening enquiries Phone: (03) 445-0111
Moving of vehicle if you are driving to the Cavalcade
Phone: (03) 445-0111
You can add up your costs in the table below to see if it suits your budget

Staged payment scheme

We have a 10 easy payment scheme available for this package to access this please book on line and


Angie will sort your payment schedule out

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