Ride a beautiful horse through the hidden trails in Southern Alps NZ

Horseback Holiday that global riders have compared to Mongolia, Patagonia and the Colorado Mountains.

Team up with a beautiful purpose bred horse and ride far from the tourist routes. Deep into the heart of the wilderness on the high mountain peaks of the Southern Alps NZ, along forgotten pack trails of yesteryear.

Accommodation is historic musterers’ huts, cottage and homestead, tents are utilized at some locations.

Transfers to/from Queenstown airport are included (T&C’s apply)

Farm fresh food with recipes from the high country we ride through.

Treat yourself to a great digital detox under star filled skies and a heart full of mountains.

Leave the tourist routes far behind and explore 100% pure NZ

Cost Per Rider NZ 4440.00

Trail Details

  • 6 days riding 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Intermediate to advanced
  • Pick up from Queenstown

Upcoming Dates

  • 26 – 3 December 2023 – Fully Booked “Thank You”
  • 22 – 29 March 2024 – Fully Booked “Thank You”


Riding Day 1

Our trail taxi picks you up between 12:30pm >13:00


Meet at 2:30pm St. Bathan’s Station, Central Otago2 hours riding 

Your Boutique Horseback Holiday begins at the picturesque St Bathan’s Station at the foot of the mountain ranges. Here you will meet your adventure horse team mate and guides.

Note: Come dressed ready to ride as we are heading straight out on the trail.

2 hours riding_ Your luggage will be taken to our accommodation for the evening. We will then introduce you to your adventure horse that will be saddled and ready for the afternoons ride at the beautiful St Bathan’s Station. This is to ensure that we have a happy relationship between horse and rider.

We explore the beautiful St Bathan’s Station, often the shepherds are working flocks of sheep with their dogs. It is great to peep through the window of high country life and we are ever grateful to Don for sharing his amazing location with us.

Horses and Pack horses head out from the Vulcan Hotel, in historic gold mining town St. Bathan’s Central Otago

Riding Day 2

6 hours ridingRiver, how I love to ride beside you.

Saddle up our horses and enjoy a spectacular views from horseback as we crisscross the Dunstan River 24 times.

See the water races that gold miners constructed in the 1800’s when this historic gold mining area was filled with hopeful prospectors.

Like 100’s of musterers’ before us we ride our horses through 2 iconic high country stations today.

St. Bathan’s Station and Dunstan Downs Station.

As we ride up the valley the majestic mountain they call “Old Man’s peak” stands before us (waiting for us to conquer the following day) “Aotearoa” New Zealand’s highest stock route at just under 6000 feet above sea

Gathering the horses
Gathering the horses (photo Cred Mathew Gibson)

Riding Day 3

8 hours riding_ Horse, Let’s Summit those mountains together

Today we summit our first mountain on horseback, like a horse rider in “Lord of the Rings” or “Mulan” our horses carry us to 6000 feet above seas.

From the summit of the highest stock pass in New Zealand, on a clear day you see the four of the highest Mountains in New Zealand’s South Island.

Aorangi (Mount Cook), Mount Aspiring, Mount St. Bathan’s and Mount Tutoko

The vista includes lakes Dunstan & Pukaki, weather permitting.

Today you will feel like a rider in “Middle Earth” on your own quest. This is just the beginning of the incredible sights we will share with our adventure horse team mates.

Musterers mountain pack trail high mountain peaks nz
Musterers mountain pack trail high mountain peaks nz (photo cred Karen Oliver)

Riding Day 4

4 hours riding_ Mountains, you are the magic my soul is made of

After yesterdays long day in the saddle, this is a shorter days riding to enable the riders and horses to rest before tomorrow’s stunning and dramatic ascent to the top of Mount Prospect.

Today begins with an hours walk descending from the Lindis Ridge. Lunchtime sees us at the side of the Lindis River where the horses enjoy a good graze and nourishing drink from the cool glacial waters.

This afternoon’s ride is through farmed New Zealand high country with Merino sheep, wild deer, and native falcons.

Musters Mountain Pack Trail
Musterers Mountain Pack Trail high mountain peaks NZ South Island

Riding Day 5

Musterers Mountain Pack Trail
Musterers Mountain Pack Trail outstanding views from high mountain peaks on horseback

5 hours riding_ Nature, my senses are alive with your beauty

The scenery today is outstanding, mountains spread out before us we can see the St Bathans ranges that we rode only a few short days prior. You will be amazed at the distances we cover on horseback. This is where our adventure horses come into their own; sure footed and kind they dig into the mountain passes carrying you into dream locations others rarely see. For those riders who enjoy walking and observing Alpine plant life, this is a great opportunity to do so. This location is filled with unique New Zealand flora and fauna, flanked by the Southern Alps

Riding Day 6

4 hours riding_ Horse, with you by my side I know I can achieve my dreams

Today is one of the trail bosses favorite days riding; enjoy a day filled with mountain scenery on horseback, second to none in the world. Our global riders have told us this far surpasses anything they have ridden in the world (without the worry of grizzly bears or mountain lions).

Murray and Pack Horse heading into the mountain snow
Murray and Pack Horse heading into the mountain snow photo cred Karen Oliver

Riding Day 7

5 hours riding_ River, your braids of beauty play my heart strings

Today we will enjoy views of the Ahuriri conservation park riding close to the Ahuriri River crossing many small streams. This is Merino sheep country whose fine wool has made New Zealand famous. Often the station is mustering the sheep whilst we ride through which a wonderful site to see, shepherd and his dog is working together.

Tonight we are staying in a beautifully restored historic homestead deep in the heart of the Ahuriri conservation park. We celebrate our final evening together, share a farm house dinner and the stories from the trails we have ridden. Sing to the ukulele around the fire in the lounge snug or simply snuggle up with the book.

Riding out of the mountains
Musterer’s Mountain Pack Trail NZ South Island

Day 8

Final day, May the memory of the mountains and the love of your adventure horse ever be in your heart

after breakfast you will be picked up by our bus and returned to Queenstown Airport or your accommodation.

Pick up 9:30 am reaching Queenstown Airport 1 >1:30pm depending on traffic/weather

Taxi service to trails
Enjoying the views at 4000 feet above sea
Enjoying the views at 4000 feet above sea NZ South Island
Betty Anne and Hannah
Betty Anne and Hannah
Had a wonderful 5 days trekking Lake Hawea, Hunter Valley with Adventure Trekking. Angie and John are great hosts and work very hard to ensure we all have a great experience. The food, the scenery, horses and accommodation are all super, thank you.
Lynette Bibby
Lynette Bibby
I loved every minute of the four days I spent with John & Ange, an awesome group of like-minded riders, and their beautiful heard of horses, (and Tui the dog of course!). On the Birchwood Station trek we explored beautiful countryside and ate delicious meals, all prepared by Ange. I was very sad to leave but I am already planning my next trek - I'm hooked!
Heather Rogers
Heather Rogers
What an incredible adventure completing the Musterers Pack Trail from St Bathans to the Ahuriri Valley. We waded through rivers, crossed shingle slides, scaled mountains, stayed in back country huts and experienced a range of weather, all of which added to the journey. John our guide was amazing, a great host and an exceptional horseman. The horses were all stunning, obviously so well loved and cared for. Angie prepared delicious food for us to cook up in the huts and made us wonderful meals before and after our trek. I could not recommend this company enough if you want to experience an authentic horse trek in Central Otago.
B & W Jaggard
B & W Jaggard
Feel so privileged to be able to experience the NZ backcountry on horse-back. The horses are purpose bred, know their job and give you confidence to enjoy the scenery and this incredible experience. Wonderful hosts, stories and evening laughs. Loved it!!
R Bonetti
R Bonetti
This trek exceeded all of our expectations. John and Angie are fantastic and their helpers, Natalie and Suzie where awesome. Our horses, Tussock and Chanook where so good and matched well to our riding capabilities. This is an immersive experience and we loved how we could be involved with as much as we wanted to, such as catching horses, helping with saddles, as well as helping in the huts. The scenery and experience was exceptional and I would recommend Adventure Horse Trekking to anyone who wants an authentic South Island horse trekking experience. Thank you for such good memories. Craig and Chris McCulloch
Craig McCulloch
Craig McCulloch
Jaipur Rajasthan
Naeif Khan
Naeif Khan
A real adventure for sure! One of the best ways to see NZ off the beaten track. Beautiful scenery, wonderful well trained horses, excellent hosts, great food, spending time with like minded people. Highly recommended and an adventure you will never forget
Christine Grieve
Christine Grieve
Expect the unexpected! Exceptional value for money. Our family group was part of a larger group riding the Birchwood 3 day boutique trail. Everyone had their individual needs meet with care and precision. Think varied days on horse back, well cared for and loved horses, great food, great beds with lovely clean linen, entertainment in the evenings and friendly smiles all the while. What more could you ask for!!
Michelle Bleeker
Michelle Bleeker
Sensational trek at Birchwood Station. Horses, scenery and organisation were superb. Adventure Horse Trekking deserve the highest praise for matching a beautiful team of horses with their respective riders. Highly recommend this adventure.
Anne Grady
Anne Grady

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