Trail Taxi Team

11 July 2023

Mike & Hele

Mike and Hele checking out the horse power at Erewhon Station

Voice on the Phone

Mike and Hele are the faces of our taxi service. They are deeply kind, always so very organized and make sure that all our clients are at the trails on time.

When you book with Adventure Horse Trekking NZ almost every trail has a taxi included. This is because we begin and end our trails in some extremely remote locations.

We want to make sure that you arrive safely.

Lucky Legs Eleven

The trail taxi takes 11 riders plus Mike which makes a dozen.

Seats are lovely and comfy, seatbelts are fitted and there are great views out of the windows as you travel to the trails.

Mike gives riders a tour if he has the time as he drives along. There is always time for a toilet stop and if you are in desperate need of your last “barista coffee” you can go for that too.

If you are wanting alcohol for the trail so long as the shops are actually open I know that Mike is happy to call at a supermarket or bottle ‘O for supplies, time willing.

Taxi service to trails
Talking Trail Taxi
Hele with an Erewhon Clydesdale

Animal Lover Hele

Animals adore Hele and it is no surprise that she has quite a number of her own animals at home. Mike and Hele have Siberian huskies who keep them very busy.

This rather large Erewhon Clydesdale took a liking to Hele in the paddock and followed her every where.

In her professional life Hele is a pharmacist no surprise that she is involved in healing with such a gentle and kind energy.

Hele is a real detail person and I totally value her input especially in the height of the season when I am away from home a great deal. She is my extra pair of eyes and I totally appreciate everything she does.

Superpower: Comes from the heart in everything she does

Mike and Hele on the trail

Beautiful Couple

It is very hard to catch Mike on camera, preferring to be the person who takes the photos.

I finally caught them both here but I only had a few precious seconds that he would stand still long enough.

No matter where we are we always know that Mike will find us. We always feel a great sense of relief as we see the silver flash in the distance as he makes his way into the mountains.

He loves everything cars, petrol, mechanical and talks in a language of a “petrol head.” Mike is our teams “stig”

We always tease Mike that one day we will actually get him into some real horse power.

Although, last season they bought Hele a fabulous electric car. She looks like “a Bond 007”

Superpower: Very skilled caring driver

Amazing People

I think that it is around 9 years since we first found Mike and Hele and oh my goodness, how lucky are we.

Here they are making a run for it and I just caught them both before Mike drove them home after a very early start delivering customers to the Birchwood Station Boutique Trail.

THANK YOU GUYS, for being so amazing and choosing to be part of our team. We hope that you both know just how much we treasure you.

Mike and Hele heading home from the trail

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