Horseback Adventurers Angie & John

17 August 2021

Are you a dreamer?

Do u believe in the power of positive thinking?

Are you like, “Sis, what are you on, dreaming is kids play”


“Bro, I’m so into positive projections”

When John n I set out to create this business from a dream people told us,

“Park that no one no one’s gonna wanna do that”

There were so many naysayers but we ourselves believed in the dream.

Unperturbed we:

Began our herb breeding program

Researched historic pack trails

Sourced local produce & receipies

Talked to farmers

Rode the trails to see if they were still there

Put wheels in motion to begin

Joined the local chamber of commerce

Visited tourism information sites

Phew, when I think back now we were pretty focused on our dreams.

It matters not how many times I see our adventure horse crew set out across the mountains. The deep unending sense of incredulity and aroha “love” brings tears to my eyes, even now just writing this.

The last few years have been difficult but also amazing.

We have showcased our incredible Aotearoa “New Zealand” a to Kiwis who have been blown away with the beauty of their own country.

Many stepping out of their comfort zone and #doingsomethingnewnz

I love this saying,

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so”

Belva Davis

Thank you, to all our customers that come ride with us. Words can never express how it feels to create your dream and share it with others.

Aroha nui Angie and John

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