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Talking Travel Insurance 4 UR Trail

31 January 2023

Travel Time Protection

Have you booked a trail with our company?
Are you looking forward to the incredible adventure?
Our team are looking forward to sharing time together riding high in the mountains, rivers and lakes of the magical NZ South Island.

Have you booked your insurance for the trail?
Did you read the terms and conditions section 13?
Once you are booked on a trail you need to book your travel insurance right away.

Cover needs to include:

A minimum of:
Medical expenses, including emergency repatriation, repatriation
expenses and evacuation expenses, personal liability, cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, irrespective of whether you are travelling in your home country or from abroad,

Loss/damage of luggage and personal effects.

(Is not limited to these items any additional items you specifically require for your personal cover)

What 2Do With It

Once you have the insurance policy number,

Copy the policy details to your phone so that it travels with you.

forward it to,

Why Should I Insure?

It is actually part of the terms and conditions of your booking (section 13)

Insurance gives you peace of mind that you will not be out of pocket should something untoward happen.

Nowadays insurances cover you for covid 19 or other illness that mean you are unable to travel. Very handy indeed as it takes the worry out of the run up to your trail.

“I’m Kiwi it’s not my thing bro”

This applies even if you are a Kiwi, travelling with NZ. No one is bullet proof, even with the best will and intention something can strike out of the blue and you are unable to travel.

Over the years we have had so many things happen to our customers before they even set out on the trail, that were out of their control.

  • New hip operation
  • Diagnosed with cancer
  • Head butted by a cow
  • Covid 19 or Flu
  • A relative gravely ill/ died
  • Cancellation of flights by airline forcing rebooking at much higher rates

All of these were way out of their control and certainly out of our companies control.

Planning Ahead

Our boutique horseback adventures have small numbers of riders to give a more personal experience. Most riders generally book a year in advance of trails. Once you have booked a saddle, we close off the bookings. If you cancel within 80 days of the trail, it is highly unlikely we will be able to fill your seat again.

What’s the Go Bro?

As a business we have prepared for the trail.
Accommodation is paid, our taxi driver has already made contact, horses are shod, food is prepped and ready. Often times horses are already transported to a trail waiting. All of these expenses have been laid out. Insurance means that your cancellation does not cancel other riders holidays.

Where will I Find Insurance?

Here are a couple of examples of companies providing insurance cover that our riders have utilised:

The final link was kindly donated by the “A” team riders who did the Musterer’s Mountain Pack Trail utilized last season (thank you)

Please Note: AHT NZ Ltd. are not making any recommendation about these travel insurance companies, only passing on information from other riders to assist you. You can happily google others and choose one that best suits your requirements.

Take The Time To

Take time to book your insurance and safeguard your travel plans

Musterers mountain pack trail high mountain peaks nz 
photo cred Karen Oliver
Musterer’s mountain pack trail high mountain peaks nz Photo Cred with heartfelt thanks: Karen Oliver

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