Wishbone and Janet at 3000 feet


21 October 2021

Adventure Horse

Wishbone is 1/2 Thoroughbred/ 1/2 Shire

Whanau: Hannah is his big Sister

Favorite Trail: Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride

How do you describe someone that is always faithful and kind?

It is so hard to explain what they do because, they just do it without any fuss or ticket parade hey?

They are the most wonderful team members with their steady unselfish giving.

Wishbones character:

As a partner you would be so blessed because they would always be thinking of your needs and giving unconditionally.

For our team, this is Wishbone a handsome safe and steady pair of hands quietly making dreams come true.

Usually found at the back of the trail as there is no need to rush through life when you are enjoying the views.

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