Angie and Whiskey Ben Lomond horseback holiday


01 July 2023

Adventure Horse

Whiskey is 1/2 Standard bred/Shire

Whanau: Thistle is his Mumma

Favorite Trail: Birchwood Station Boutique Trail

How do you describe someone keeps you safe when the going gets tough?

It is so hard to explain what they do because, they just go for it and leave you feeling so loved?

Whiskey is my (Angie) horse and we are always found at the back of the trail. We stop to take photos, he never bats an eye no matter how far ahead the others are. I sing my heart out and he never bothers a jot, in fact (I think he likes the songs!)

He is a lower ranking horse and in our horse hierarchy that means, he is happy to be at the back with me.

That doesn’t mean we don’t interact with the rest of the riders we have so much fun.

There is no need to rush through life when you are enjoying the views as much as we do together.

He is Character: Whiskey always makes me laugh. When the mist settles in the valleys over night and the wranglers are gathering the horses for the day, Whiskey can somehow disappear in to the mist, (like Harry Potter with his cloak of invisibility) Making sure he always gets the last wee mouthful of tucker before the day begins.

Clever Wee Man: Whiskey is an invaluable member of our string as he works as a riding horse and a pack horse just like his Mumma Thistle

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